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I am going through a divorce in Georgia. I am afraid my ex will take my personal belongings from my home. What can I do?

That’s an unfortunate situation. It’s also very common. When many people are going through a divorce, they may act very emotionally, such as by cleaning out the house entirely. The … Continue reading

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I started a business before I got married. Is my spouse entitled to the business if we get divorced in Georgia?

If you started a business before you got married, and the business is still worth what it was when you got married, that business is not considered marital property and … Continue reading

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What can I do if my former spouse keeps taking me back to court in Georgia?

It can be extremely frustrating to have to go to family court to litigate issues such as child support and child visitation. This is especially true if your ex takes … Continue reading

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Can I sue for visitation of my grandchildren in Georgia?

Georgia does allow grandparents to seek visitation with their grandchildren. There are two ways grandparents can do this in Georgia. They can file a court action for visitation with their … Continue reading

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How can I stop a divorce in Georgia once it has started?

The decision about whether or not to divorce is usually not an easy one. There are a lot of factors in play – your feelings for each other, your financial … Continue reading

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What mistakes do many people make when they are getting divorced in Georgia?

There are a number of common mistakes that people getting divorced in the Atlanta area make. Some of them can be corrected later, but some are either irreversible, or can … Continue reading

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The mother of my child is threatening to move away with the child and we were never married. Can I stop her from moving away?

The short answer is “no,” but you may still have rights to keep your child in Georgia. Even if you are named as the child’s birth certificate in Georgia as … Continue reading

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Divorce and Mortgage Refinance

If you are in the process of a divorce, you are probably starting to realize how expensive it can be. Besides the court costs and attorney’s fees, you will now … Continue reading

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Dividing Assets in Divorce: Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles

If you are getting a divorce, your biggest concerns are probably who will get your house and custody of the children, child support, alimony, and how to start a new … Continue reading

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How can I make sure my ex-spouse’s visits with our children in Georgia are supervised?

If you are worried about leaving your child alone with your ex, you may wish for the court to order supervised visitation. Getting a court to order supervised visitation can … Continue reading

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