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I have kids and am getting divorce in Georgia. Can I move with my kids to be closer to my family?

If you want to move away from your current home in order to be closer to your family, there is most likely nothing legally to stop you unless a court order exists that says otherwise. Your spouse legally has no right in most cases to make you stay in one location because you share minor children together. With that said, you should always do what is in the best interest of your children when making such a big decision. The court will use your past behavior and decisions to decide custody based on “the best interest of the child” standard.

Generally, the best solution would be for you and your husband to work out an amicable agreement for child custody and visitation. Raising children is a rewarding yet stressful at times experience and if you add custody battles to the mix, things become much more difficult. If you cannot reach an agreement on your own, you may consider mediation. Mediation can frequently help divorcing couples come to an agreement more easily than if they try on their own. If you can’t reach an agreement about child custody, the courts will decide the issue for you.

Issues involving custody and divorce can be sticky, but having an experienced advocate on your behalf can help immensely. If you are considering divorce, call Atlanta Divorce Attorney Shalamar Parham at 678-439-1482. She can help you walk through your legal issues. Call to schedule a consultation.


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