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My ex-wife is living with her boyfriend. Our divorce decree says he can’t have any overnights with the opposite sex. What are my legal options in Georgia?

It’s fairly common after a divorce for parents to be unhappy with the idea of their children seeing the other parent having overnight visits with a boyfriend or girlfriend to … Continue reading

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I’m legally married in Georgia and my divorce is pending. Can I move in with my boyfriend/girlfriend now?

Technically speaking, yes, you can move in with a boyfriend or girlfriend before your divorce is final. However, just because you can do something does not mean that you should. … Continue reading

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My spouse and I are thinking about divorcing in Georgia. What can I do if she has started hiding assets before the divorce has even been filed?

In many cases, when a marriage turns sour and divorce is on the horizon, one of the spouses decides to start hiding assets. That spouse may believe that if assets … Continue reading

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I am divorced. My former spouse and I agreed that he would pick up the kids at my house for visitation, and he’s forcing me to drive them instead. What can I do?

Unfortunately, some spouses try to do everything they can after the divorce to make co-parenting difficult. A common example is a spouse agreeing before the divorce to pick up the … Continue reading

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Our divorce is almost over and my ex will not move out of our house. We live in Georgia. What can I do?

Some spouses don’t care that the marriage is over – they do not want to leave the marital home. The legal options you have depend on how the language of … Continue reading

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Who will get the pets in a Georgia divorce?

In many divorces, the spouses have a heated battle over who gets to keep the pets. Dogs, cats, and other pets are considered as property, and are divided in a … Continue reading

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I have kids and am getting divorce in Georgia. Can I move with my kids to be closer to my family?

If you want to move away from your current home in order to be closer to your family, there is most likely nothing legally to stop you unless a court … Continue reading

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My wife took out a temporary restraining order in Atlanta to hurt me. What can I do to fight it?

Unfortunately, your situation is more common than you may think. Some spouses who are going through a divorce will do anything they think will hurt the other, including filing for … Continue reading

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I have a restraining order against my ex-husband in Georgia. Do I have to let him visit our kids?

Dealing with an ex-husband against whom you have a restraining order, combined with custody and visitation issues, can be complex and emotional. In general, whether or not you have to … Continue reading

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I’m divorcing in Georgia. Should I fight to keep the house?

Who gets the house is often one of the most heated questions in a divorce. Some spouses may fight bitterly over who will get awarded the house in the divorce. … Continue reading

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